Monday, July 1, 2013

June Favorites

June has always been a kind of bland month for me. It's getting hot and all the neighborhood kids are running around and acting stupid. The kids in my neighborhood will literally lay down in the middle of the street and then give you a dirty look when you honk at them or patiently not run them over. Not sure why I'm babbling about dumb kids on a monthly favorites, but apparently I am. I've got a handful of favorites for June and they are random. 

Essie Ballet Slippers - A long time ago I had a bottle of light pink Essie polish that I loved. I'm not even sure where I got it. My bottle dried up and I was never able to find it again. At the time, Essie was not readily available around here, I couldn't just drive to Walmart and pick up a bottle. I forgot about it until a few months ago and went searching at Walmart and there it was! I don't usually go for light pinks but this is girly without being overt and also makes me looked tanned.

Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Perfume - I wrote a little about this in my May Ipsy review and have continued to use this throughout the month. A friend of mine also receives Ipsy and got the same sample and hated it. She brought me her sample (Hooray!) and seemed surprised that I liked it so much. I had her smell it on me and she was amazed at how much it changed, she liked the way it smelled on me. I know that most perfumes will interact with your own chemistry and but I have never had one that changes as much as this one does. I love it!

Voluspa Japonica Baltic Amber Candle - My mother-in-law received this from a co-worker and passed it along to me. I'm very picky about amber scented things, they can often smell odd and be unpleasant. This candle, however, is amazing! The scent is sweet and warm and smells homey. The Japonica line is inspired by Japanese art and features a gorgeous floral design. The box is so pretty that I had to keep it, I couldn't bear to throw it away! This 6.2 oz candle costs $18.00 and there are several other sizes, including some in pretty tins. The burn time for this size is listed as 50 hours and although I didn't time it, it definitely burns for a long time. I'm going to have to check out the other scents in this line.

Nyx Cream Blush in Natural - I really haven't used cream blushes before and I do like this blush from Nyx, although it doesn't seem to last all that long. The light pink color is perfect for my skin tone and its quite easy to apply and blend. Getting a picture of the actual color is damn near impossible, just google search for it and see how different it looks in just about every picture.

Aztec/Ikat Print - I've never been a fan of this sort of print until this new crop of brightly colored patterns starting getting popular. Now I am obsessed! I've been working on a print of my own and thought I would share a little sample of it. I might try to incorporate it into this blog.

This year seems to be flying by and I honestly could not be happier. 2013 has been pretty tough so far and although it has started to level out I still just kind of want it to be over. One good thing is that my birthday is next week and hopefully the husband and I will be able to get away from it all for a couple of days.

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