Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Projects // Front Yard Makeover

My husband and I made it our mission this last weekend to get our front yard a bit more presentable. The two pictures below show just how overgrown and ridiculous our front flower bed has gotten.
Yes, the stump to the right is cut to resemble a hand flipping you off. My husband got artistic with a chainsaw one day and that is what he came up with.
As you can see, the front of our house was not exactly tidy. We took a trip to Lowe's and Walmart and gathered some supplies and plants. I did do a little research beforehand to see what plants and flowers were the easiest to grow here in Oklahoma for a black thumbed individual. After a lot of work, our new front yard is looking completely different and much better.

We are planning to put pea gravel around the steps to keep the grass at bay. We have been trying to get the grass to look better after multiple trees and part being used as a driveway for years caused most of the grass to die. But I think this makeover has made such a difference and will inspire us to do more.
I'm thinking about keeping these weekend projects going and making this a regular thing on this blog.

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